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Meeting Report - 3 October 2012

East Brent Parish History Group

Meeting 3rd October 2012


Meeting Notes

We welcomed two new members and together with existing members at the meeting took the opportunity to discuss some of the current and future activities of the Group. Several main points were discussed including :-

Audio Recording of Parish Residents

A few Audio recordings of the Parish’s residents have been taken and will be made available for access. However, the Group would like to take the opportunity to consider that others may be willing to record their memories and experiences. A way forward may be to :-

  • List possible candidates.

  • Contact to get agreement.

  • Meet with resident (or ex-resident).

  • Edit the recording & provide a short transcription.

Trades and Businesses

There are a few records available of the Parish’s businesses that have come and gone – the Cheddar Valley Dairy being a particularly notable one. Trade Directories from 1835 to 1935 list a very large number including Plasterers, Masons, Carpenters, Saddlers, Drapers and many Farmers. The Group needs to :-

  • List possible businesses and trades including :

Post Office(s), Shops, Trades, Farms, Pubs etc.

  • Gather information.

  • Collate & prepare document(s).


Many families have a long-term standing in the Parish and after several generations, still have an important role. Some of their histories have been gathered and John Rigarlsford website contains a great deal of facts for genealogists. The Group should endeavour to :-

  • List possible families – discuss with current parishioners.

  • Where & when to start – prior to 100 years before present..

  • Gather information.

  • Collate & prepare document(s)

  • Religious Establishments.

Foremost of these is St. Mary’s and much is available on its history - there was a satellite building to St. Mary’s in Rooksbridge called “The Good Shepherd”. The Methodist Church has and still does play an important role in the Parish resident’s life. Likewise, has the Baptist Chapel in Rooksbridge which existed for more than 100 years and is now a private residence. But what is known of any other, much earlier establishments?

  • St. Mary’s, Methodist, Baptist, Good Shepherd & earlier?

  • Much information is available but could gather more.

  • Collate & prepare document(s)


Together with the Church, schools have played an extremely important part in the Parish’s past. And of course, Church and school have been inextricably linked. There were possibly earlier establishments than those that we are most familiar with and records and information may still be available.

  • Church School/National School/British School/Rossholme School.

  • Any other earlier schools?

  • Gather information.

  • Collate & prepare document(s).

Photo Archive

The Group are managing to establish a substantial archive of photographs relating to the Parish. Many of these have come from the archives of current residents but have also come from others in various parts of the U.K. plus Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.

We would welcome photographs with a Parish connection, from anyone who would care to bring them along to a meeting.

At the next meeting, there will be a scanner available and the original can immediately be returned to the owner. A copy will be provided to the owner for their own archive.

This also applies to any documents which people think relevant. These can also be scanned and a copy provided. This has already been done with documents concerning Church House in Church Street (now Church Road of course).



There are other subjects which can be investigated further.

  • House History – e.g. Church House

  • Traditions

  • Events – Harvest Home, Fair etc.



Presentations at Future Meetings

Along the lines of the above, if anyone can suggest any particular aspects of the Parish’s history to be investigated, please let me know. These could be the subject of a presentation at a future meeting.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday each month (Except August).

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday, 7th November 2012 at 7:00 pm. As mentioned, a scanner will be made available and there will be further discussions concerning the history of the Parish of East Brent.

All are welcome, please come along.



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