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Meeting Report - 7 March 2012

Once again, we had a very enjoyable session with a further visit from Margaret Thompson and her husband. We also welcomed a couple of new attendees who brought along a large collection of newspaper cuttings relating to the East Brent Harvest Home dating from 1963 to 1988. These have been scanned and together with others, they will be made available for anyone to take a look at. A couple of examples from 1970 and 1981 are shown below (with acknowledgement to the newspapers they came from).



We have now received funding from the Parish Council and The Nuttall Trust. Thanks to these two organisations and their members. These funds are gratefully received and enable the Group to proceed with the provision of a storage cupboard in the Village Hall and for work to commence on a suitable website. Members of the Group who attend (and some who do not) the meetings also provide donations to fund the use of the Village Hall. Grateful thanks are also due to all of these.


War Memorial Servicemen

The main part of the meeting was taken up by John Flavin giving a talk on his research into the servicemen named on the Parish War Memorial. John’s talk contained details of many of them including their connection with East Brent and their service history and circumstances of their loss. In particular, John gave details concerning George Comer, Bertrum Crees, Sidney W. Ham, Frederick W. Ham, Leslie John Derrick and several others. John mentioned all of those on the memorial and one or two others. His research is ongoing and involves their military and family histories. He would welcome contact from anyone who has any information. John has kindly provided a paper and e-copy of his research to date and if anyone would like a copy, please let me know.


New Contacts

I have had contact from Brian Fry (New Zealand) Brian lived in East Brent 1939 to 1960 when his family emigrated to New Zealand. His mother worked at Rosseholme and joined him a few years later. He lived in Holly Tree Cottage (Church Street) and he told me how his mother took some seedlings (legally) from the Holly Tree to New Zealand where one grew into a large tree. A few years ago he moved and took further seedlings to his new home.

Although the original Holly Tree is no longer, its descendants still perpetuate a bit of East Brent in New Zealand.

Kym Edwards contacted me from Australia where her ancestors emigrated to in October 1863. They were Thomas Edwards and his wife Anne (Millard). Thomas was an Agricultural Labourer at East Brent in the 1861 census and living with his parents at East Brent in the 1851 census. Kym sent the following photo of Thomas and Anne.

Kym’s is related to Elizabeth Edwards (Bristow) who married a cousin Edward (Ted) Edwards on 30 Apr 1902 at East Brent. The family records state that his wife, Elizabeth started the tradition of making the puddings for East Brent Harvest Home in the boilers of the vicarage..

Jim Nipper and Ainslie Brettell have supplied some photographs/postcards relating to the Parish. These have been added to the archive and will be available to view in due course. Many thanks for these. Jim worked for some time with John Rigarlsford at the Cheddar Valley Dairy.


Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

The History Group has been asked to provide a display at the Parish celebrations on 3rd June. A few members have declared interest in being involved and if anyone is interested, please get in touch with me.


Next Meeting – Cheddar Valley Dairy

At the next meeting - 4th April 2012 - there will be a talk by John Rigarslford (aka Fred Smith) will be giving a talk on his time spent at the Cheddar Valley Dairy and its history in general. John has already been contacted by ex-colleagues from the Dairy who expect to attend – so no pressure then, John!

All meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month - 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome


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