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Meeting Report - 5 October 2011

A presentation to the Group gave up to date information on the ways and means of obtaining funding to establish a firm base for the Group’s activities in its first year and subsequent years. Representation have been made to the Parish Council and the Nuttall Trust. A key part of the Group’s aims is to ensure that the Parish’s history is well documented and made available as widely as possible. This will be done in two ways :-

1 Hard-copy storage - The Village Hall Committee has agreed that a modest-sized cabinet can be kept in the Hall to store copies of documents and files relating to the Parish. A metal, office-type cupboard with a lock (and key) would be most suitable. If anyone is aware of such a cabinet being available somewhere, please let me know.

2 Internet availability – As far as is practical, all documents etc. will be scanned/copied and placed on a dedicated Internet Website. A domain name (www.eastbrentparish.com) has been registered but not yet developed – ideas are invited from anyone interested in participating.


‘EAST BRENT - Memories of Life in a Somerset Village’

This booklet was printed and published by Andrew & Lorna Gibson, Isles of Scilly in 1997. It is believed that Andrew & Lorna Gibson lived in East Brent for a number of years and may have been involved in Lundy Island. They moved to the Scilly Isles and were involved with English Nature (now part of Natural England). It is understood they may have left the Scilly Isles about 8 years ago. Electronic and paper copies of this booklet are available and will be in the archives - several residents have copies themselves. The booklet contains some interesting photographs and the Group would very much like to obtain some high quality copies for the archives. If anyone has any information relating to the Gibsons, the booklet or the photographs, please let me know.


Parish Shops, Businesses, Farms

John Rigarlsford has compiled a list of shops, business, farms etc. relating to the Parish. This will be placed on the Website as soon as possible but in the meantime, if anyone would like a copy of this list or has any information, documents, photographs etc. please let me know.


Field Names

An interesting idea also raised was the origins and meanings of some of the names of the fields in the Parish. If there is any information or interest in this topic, please let me know.

Margaret Thompson (née Field) will be visiting the area in November and will come along to our next meeting to give us the benefit of her memories of East Brent. Margaret has agreed that this can be recorded and would like to meet any of her previous acquaintances to spend time reminiscing.

A timely bit of information was obtained about a lecture on the 1607 possible Tsunami in the Bristol Channel which may have affected the Parish and indeed the whole area. The lecture was given by Prof. Simon Haslett at a North Sedgemoor Local History Group meeting at King Alfred’s School, Highbridge on 12 October. A number of our Parish History Group members were able to attend.

In the 1607 event, an estimated 2000 people died which proportionately was an enormous number and would amount to tens of thousands today.

Crossways, East Brent with the Commercial Inn (now Brent Knoll Inn) in the background.

(Photo recently supplied by Bob Bees)


As previously mentioned, the Group are keen on obtaining copies of any photographs relating to the Parish. Originals are best and will be copied and returned to the owners.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 9th November 2011, 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

All are welcome


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