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Meeting Report - 7 September 2011

After the summer break, a group meeting was held on Wednesday, 7th September2011 in the Village Hall. Nigel Lloyd-Jones reported on the status regarding funding for the Group and its aims. This is being sought from various organisations to enable relevant documents to be obtained, copied and preserved with adequate storage. Costs incurred to date (Room Hire) are funded my members’ voluntary contributions.


Notes during discussions :-

Future Speakers - Suggestions were made for future speakers including possibly from Somerset

Heritage Centre, the Community Council for Somerset and possibly noted historians.

If anyone has a PC/video projector they would be willing to let the group use occasionally, we would be grateful to know.

A DVD copy of the BBC Timewatch programme investigating the probable Tsunami of January 1607 is now available for loan.

Recording of residents’ memories is now being carried out to create an audio history.

Blakehouse Farm was possibly the site of a Roman Villa.

Andrew Gilling believes that his property was originally called ‘Adam and Eve’ and it is possible that two bronze statues (of Adam & Eve) initially graced the entrance and may have been sold into the Royal Collection many years ago.


Take a look at the BBC Domesday Reloaded website:

(http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/domesday/dblock/GB-332000-150000/page/1) which in 1986 recorded memories of East Brent. These records were at first thought unreadable due to changes in technology but are now available. The website states – “Here you can rediscover and explore images and articles from the original project to find out how life in Britain has changed... and how some things have stayed the same. In addition, you will be able to update the project by re-photographing the images today and updating text entries.”

If you submitted the original entries, please contact the Group.

Various other sources were suggested for information on the Parish history including Julie Webb (Rossholme), John Page (Brent Knoll), Pat Hayes – Family Historian and Kelly’s Directories.

Weston Mercury & Gazette April 19, 1988 – Can anyone name them?



Tithe Map of East Brent

The Tithe Commutation Act 1836 established a process by which tithes could be converted to money payments. This required the drawing of an accurate map showing all the land in the parish. A map was produced for each "tithe district" which might be distinct from a parish or township. Maps were accompanied by a schedule in the form of a table showing the owner, occupier and a description of the land in the parish. Most of the surveying and mapping was carried out by 1841, although the East Brent map is believed to have much earlier origins. Three copies of the maps and schedules were prepared, one of which was held centrally by the Tithe Commissioners, one locally in the parish church and one in the diocesan registry.

An original copy (No. 3) of the Tithe Map for East Brent was presented at the meeting with much interest. It provides a tangible addition to the copies being produced by Jenny Binning and will be studied in detail in future.


Areas of Focus

Members of the Group accepted responsibility for co-ordinating information on particular areas of interest. These were :-

East Brent Methodist Church & Rooksbridge Baptist Chapel,

Church of the Good Shepherd

Andrew Gilling

Church Yard Records and Monumental Inscriptions

Ann Keegan

East Brent C of E, Rossholme, British (Village Hall) Schools

Yvonne Claridge

Shops & Businesses

John Rigarlsford

Harvest Home

Rita Thomas/Betty Griffin

Maps etc.

Jenny Binning

Public Houses

Bob Bees

Anyone with information on the above topics, please contact the above. (Contact details from me.) Other areas of interest will be defined at future meetings


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 5th October 2011, 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

All are welcome


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