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John Rigarlsford (aka Fred Smith)

01 Nov 2012 Article No: 60

Interesting memories of the life (to date) of John Rigarlsford, written by John Rigarlsford.

Starting with John's earliest memories of being in an air-raid shelter in Fulham where he lived at the time, and cringing at the sound of air raid sirens and waiting for the bang when the ‘Doodle-bug’s engines went quiet! And scrabbling about on bomb sites on the way home from school looking for bits of shrapnel and incendiaries.

Also including a most informative insight into John Rigarlsford's time at the Rooksbridge "Milk Factory"  From 1960 through to 1993, John saw many incarnations of the factory from Cheddar Valley Dairy, through Horlicks Daries to Unigate.

The Image Galley shows an interesting collection of John's photos from his time at "The Milk Factory"



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