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01 Nov 2012 Article No: 34

By Grace Hudson, June 1992


Interesting papers have recently come to light showing that alterations were made to the church in 1898. The entrance porch was originally at the side of the building. This was made into a vestry and the entrance with the porch made to the front of the church.  Photographs shown before and after (P45)

The Cost was £150.

In the 1930's it was the dream of the then Church Steward, Mr. G.E. Hudson that a hall, which was badly needed, should be built. But land at the side of the Church was not available so it was decided to divide the Church with a wooden movable partition which would fold back, enabling the back part of the Church to be used for weeknight activities.

In 1963 the Church was able to purchase the piece of land at the side of the of the Church and by 1964 the hall was built and dedicated.

Recently the Methodist Church at Lympsham was sold and a very lovely stained glass window was transferred to our Church, replacing our original window which was in need of great repair. It is hoped to floodlight this window in some way.

The dividing screen, now no longer necessary, has been removed and the original red baize inner doors have been replaced with very nice glass doors. To me the Church looks as it did many years ago, refurbished, a pretty Church and kept in pristine condition, a credit to those who built it 120 years ago.

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