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Somerset Year Book, 1933 (extract)

01 Nov 2012 Article No: 29

The following word picture by the Archdeacon [Denison] of the closing scene of the harvest Home in 1883, throws a light on his remarkable character and influence,

“Then l told them they were to go. They cheered and thanked, and in ten minutes the tent was cleared and all went away quietly.”

This smacks of an age more tolerant of autocratic ruling by the parish Priest than the one we live in.

This is his description of the 1883 festivities - remembering that only teetotal drinks were allowed and “Punch” is from the Punch and Judy Show  

“Great success. Wonderful Punch, Steam merry-go-round, fortune telling, various other amusements. Teetotal drinks only, everybody highly pleased. Very fine music, dressing in best taste, manners and general demeanour perfect, no doubt an admirable institution: should be witnessed to be comprehended.”

The tent was decorated with embroidered hangings, many with written texts or mottoes, here are a few - some with a touch of humour.


Pudding today, Pill tomorrow.


Despise school and remain a fool.


There’s nothing like water



May we live to do good

And do good to die happy.




Haste makes waste

Waste makes beggars

Beggars make rags.









Beef and pudding, cheese and cider

Are wont to make the waistcoat wider,

But let pudding and cider, cheese and beef

Be the rich man’s alms, the poor’s relief,

With cheese and cider, beef and pudding

Let no ill thought be found intruding,

And for pudding, cider, beef and cheese

Give thanks to Him, who gave us these.




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