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01 Nov 2012 Article No: 28

Extracts from June 1929 issue

ELECTRICITY INSTALLED IN ST. MARY’S CHURCH. On 13th at a late hour in the evening, a demonstration of the newly installed illumination was given to the members of the Church Council and was considered satisfactory.

Owing to ‘daylight saving’ the Congregation has had little opportunity of judging the effect, but we are confident that when winter time Comes round again the change will be very greatly appreciated, The goal of the required cost will be either £69.16.0 or £75.18.6.

Extracts from November 1929 issue

East Brent

My Dear People,

....May l draw your attention to a little hint that was dropped, but has apparently escaped notice, in our July number, under "Electric: Light," namely, "Still wanted at time of writing, £2 3s. 2d. The want is now, owing to another small extra, £2 13s 2d. Towards this a kind friend (already a generous subscriber), has promised £1 1s 0d.  some one, some two or (shall we say?) some 32, who appreciate our new lighting enable me to report next month that this little deficit has been cleared away? We are glad to welcome back, after his visit to Australia, Mr. Frank Woodward, Senior and Mrs. Woodward. At the meeting of the Church Council on Oct. 11th, we unanimously co-opted Mr. Woodward on the Church Council and re-appointed him as our Vice-Chairman.

Our bells, since they were  more than twenty years ago, have not been over-hauled and have been going badly of late. They have been examined by Messrs, Llewellyn and James, who have reported that repairs that will cost £37 are urgently required. As the matter will no brook delay, the Council decided to give the order at once to put the work in hand, trusting to the good will of the Parishioners to find the money that is needed. I do not think their confidence is misplaced. We like to hear the bells sounding regularly once more. We like to know that a young band of future ringers is in regular training. So l think you will give what you can, as you have so often done before in similar times of need, to secure that the bells are made safe and sound for many years to come by this comparatively small outlay. So will you please let me or either of the Churchwardens know as soon as you can, how much you are prepared to give?

Your Friend and Vicar,




MOTHERS' UNION. We are all very grateful to Mrs. Connor, of Petergate, Weston-super-Mare, who gave us an eloquent address on "Religion in the Home." at our meeting at the vicarage on October 10th. About 60 members attended, including some from Lympsham, Blackford and Biddisham.

WOMEN'S INSTITUTE. At a well attended meeting held at the Council School on October 21st, following an interesting explanation by Miss Woodforde, County Organiser, of its objects and working, it was unanimously decided to start a Women's Institute in East Brent.

A committee of 14 was elected; Mrs. Wickham to be President, Miss Wickham, Secretary and Miss Cullen, Treasurer. The monthly meeting for members will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Vicarage, alternately afternoon at 3.30 and evening at 7.30.The first meeting will be on November 5th at 3.30 p.m., when members will be enrolled and the programme for the ensuing year discussed. It is therefore important that all those intending to become members should be present.

THE BRITISH LEGION. A new banner, which has been presented by subscribers to the East Brent branch of the Legion, will be dedicated in the Church at the close of Evensong on Sunday, November 10th. Seats will be reserved for members of the Legion, who, it is hoped, will attend in good numbers. The collection will be given to the British Legion. A short practice of the hymns to be sung on Armistice Day, will be held after the service.

ARMISTICE DAY, Monday, 11th November.

Programme for Service at War Memorial:-




Hymn 379 “Now thank we all Our God”  Prayers, The Lord’s Prayer and one other Prayer.


First Maroon to announce the Commencement of the Two Minutes Silence.


Second Maroon. British Legion Banner raised. Bugler sounds Last Post. Hymn 165 “O God our help in ages past.”


National Anthem

After the Service the British Legion will lay a wreath at the foot of the Memorial, after which Relatives and Friends are invited to lay their wreaths.

Members of the Public are asked to bring their Flanders Poppies and lay them in a Moss bank which will be provided.

C.E. SCHOOL. The following gratifying report has been received from the Diocesan inspector, Prebendary McClean, who visited the School on October 23rd:

"What I like about this small School is the readiness of the Head­teacher to be ‘original.’ She is not afraid to experiment with a view to rousing the children's intelligence and thought. Her success with the Upper Group is considerable. The Special Prayer Book teaching is admirably given and included a quite good grasp of the Holy Communion Service. I noted some very promising children. The written work was done with care. The Infants and Standards i. and ii. are also well taught, and the older ones had grasped their syllabus well."

BAPTISMS.      Oct. 2nd Cynthia Joy, daughter of Richard and Margaret Blanche Fowler, born July 4th.

   Oct. 17th. Doreen Mary, daughter of Maurice Henry and Edith Pape, born May 10"’.

MARRIAGE.     Oct. 12th Cecil Vernon James Leigh and Eva Blanche Hellier.

HARVEST HOME. A meeting of the committee was held on Oct. 19th, when the very satisfactory financial statement published below was presented, showing a further addition of £8 Os 10d. to our balance on the working. Mr. Popham was unanimously elected as Hon. Sec. for the next year, Thursday, Aug. 28th, 1930, was fixed for the date of our next Festival. A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr F. Woodward (Junior) for allowing us the use of the field free of charge this year.

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