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Wellington Pub

01 Nov 2012 Article No: 25

Photos shown in the Gallery

1  =  Early 1900's with Horse & Cart

2  =  Again early 1900's with Horse & Cart

3  =  Assume in the 1920's - motorcycle by the pump / there is a shop front at the end of Gills Lane with a sign saying BP maybe for paraffin (this building appears to have gone when the A38 was built) / left edge on top of the building can been seen the bell of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd which we gather was removed pre 1960

4  =  Again assume look at the bike and style think this was taken in the 1920's

5  =  Skittle team 1962 - 

         Front seated   l - r  ?  Brooks, Jon-Jon Emery, Rolly Ham? George Emery (Landlord)

         Rear standing l - r Tony Bryant, Sandford? Mike Ham, Jimmy Harding, Barnstable? Donny Pople, Mick Bryant (back) Whippet Sandford

6  =  A more recent photo


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