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Post Office - Rooksbridge

01 Nov 2012 Article No: 24

The Post Office is adjacent to the Wellington Pub on the A38 in Rooksbridge.

The earliest Post Office reference have found is "For letters arriving at Rooksbridge from Axbridge" in 1897' (Kellys).

The first reference to an actual Post Office is 1902 when Charles King was listed as Sub-postmaster

It is believed this has been a village shop for many years before 1900.

The 3 photos loaded in the Gallery we understand are dated around :

1.   Unknown

2.   1922

3.   1990's

Also included in the article is a listing of owners from 1841 to today prepared by : John Rigarlsford

However, if you have any information / old documents or photos then please do let us have copies of them.

Thank You.

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