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01 Nov 2012 Article No: 23

The photos in the Gallery were provided by Mr Tom Lintern who’s family moved to the White House in 1952.   Tom was at that time just sixteen years old.  His father had retired from the steel industry and for six years before coming to East Brent had been a farmer in Cardiganshire.

The only item Tom has of the time it was a garage (Esso) is a small half pint oil can – as shown in one of the photos – it seems in those days oil was sold from a  20 gallon drum that was mounted on a stand just on the right hand side inside the garage door and decanted into half pint or 1 pint jugs as in the photo.

The other photos show :

>>    Tom’s mother and father along with Tom’s wife - in the background is the now village green.

>>    The young man standing by the house is Tom Lintern.

>>    The photo with the large pile of rocks in front of the house was taken just after the petrol tanks were removed.  Tom recall’s the Esso team being there purging the underground tank with nitrogen.

Unfortunately, Tom looked through all his photographs, but could not find one of when the petrol pumps where in operation at the property.

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