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01 Nov 2012 Article No: 17

In 1871, the Wesleyans built their church in the centre of the village on a corner of Dodd’s Lane at a cost of £450. Today, Dodd’s Lane is the main Weston to Bridgwater road.


1920 Pulpit purchased


1921 Erection of new shed for conveyances & horses at rear (not now in existence). Cost £113


1925 Concrete laid around chapel


1930 Electricity installed at a cost of £9.16s


1939 Screen erected across internal width of chapel to form schoolroom. It is possible to see marks on the wall around third pew from rear.


1945 Water supply to vestry with one indoor tap. Elsan toilet in outside shed.


1946 Gas heating installed


1959/1960 Land at side of church purchased at cost of £120. Funds were donated by Joe Gilling of Rooksbridge. Trustees paid expenses of £16.


1964 Tender accepted for construction of schoolroom £7,700 plus £150 for flooring.


1965 Boundary wall moved back on main road by County Council. Gate blockedup.


1991 Stained glass window moved from Lympsham Methodist Church when closed down and installed over entrance door. Internal screen removed.


1992 Pair of new inside hardwood doors fitted.

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