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About East Brent Parish History Group

The Parish of East Brent is an ancient Parish with a long, varied history and consists of the villages of East Brent, Rooksbridge and the hamlet of Edingworth on the edge of the Somerset Levels.

The History Group was formed in 2011 from a number of like-minded individuals with an interest in researching and sharing the history of the Parish.  The group aim to record and archive its findings for future generations.

The history group wishes to be able to share with other people the information that comes to light. It brings together residents and visitors to share and discover anything relating to our Parish’s past from today, back to Domesday and beyond! Our main focus is on the people and Parish of East Brent. But through the ages, people travelled beyond the village boundaries to find work and marry etc. So our quests may inevitably lead us to stray into the neighbouring parishes and far beyond that leading to connections around the world.

Most of the real history of a place revolves around the general public and their history is not always readily available. There must be many families who have useful historical and old family documents which could add flesh to the bones of East Brent Parish history.

The group wishes to build up a collection of old photos and documents that can be shared in part via the internet on the Parish Council web site and be preserved in a secure storage facility that people can have access too, both now and for many years to come.

Special thanks are due to Mr John Rigarlsford, who has over many years put a lot of time and effort, into collecting historical data on the Parish.  John then personally set-up and ran a local web site containing both current news and history items. The work John has done with Parish records is most beneficial and has helped greatly with the new Parish web site. Therefore, we wish to acknowledge his personal contribution.

The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the East Brent Village Hall with the meeting starting at 7pm. The aim is to have updates on various items of past parish / village life and discuss / share experiences and information. There is also at the end of the main discussion an opportunity to have a cup of tea and chat through topics with other people. We encourage anyone to join in our meetings and discussions without any commitment.

We attempt to do our best on the accuracy of what is loaded to the website, but if anyone feels that any item needs modifying to be more correct then please let us know.

Please see this website (Events) for details of dates and activities.

Colin Loader (Chairman)

March 2013

East Brent Parish History Portal

Welcome to the History Portal of the East Brent Parish History Group. We hope you enjoy your visit and find somehing of interest.We welcome comment and any ideas for subjects of interest concernng the Parish  f East Brent.

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